Wednesday, August 31, 2011

He's starting Kindergarten already?

Yup! When I tell people that my son, Brady, is starting Kindergarten next week, that's the reaction. Already...he can't be 5 already? It doesn't seem possible...time really does fly! A long time PST listener commented on facebook today that she remembered when I announced my pregnancy on the air! Seems like yesterday! But, his last day of preschool/camp was today, and I was fighting back tears as I picked him up for the last time. He doesn't even seem phased! He's excited for Kindergarten...he got a new Star Wars backpack, Superhero lunchbox, new Sketchers that light up...he's ready! Am I? That's the! I talked to a lot of parents, and it seems that starting Kindergarten is harder on the parents than the kids! I swear to you, I will not follow the bus on Tues! Did you? Tell me your first day of Kindergarten stories!

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  1. Chris,
    My daughter went to Pre-K last year and I cried, I held it in till the bus was down the street, but I cried! I too wanted to follow the bus and make sure she was safe. I think that is only natural for us mothers. Landre starts Kindergarten on Tuesday and I know I will cry as soon as the bus pulls away... My husband thinks I am a nut! LOL!! Good luck, I will be thinking about how you made out!

    By the way I listen to you every morning, in fact I look forward to hearing about your kids and the things they do... We seem to be going thru the same things at the same time... When you announced your pregnancy on air with Brady I found out two weeks later I was pregnant with Landre... then you announced your pregnancy with Bailey and I found out a month later that I was pregnant with my son Liam! Crazy right!!!

    Anyways, good luck!!!