Monday, September 12, 2011

Where should I go for Girls Weekend?

My hubby's all excited because he & 3 buddies are going to Michigan Thanksgiving weekend for the Michigan vs. Ohio State football game! Guys weekend...woo hoo! I'm cool with it, actually excited for him...should be a great long as he stays away from all the college girls out there! LOL! So, you know what guys weekend means, right? That I get to plan a girls weekend away! It's only fair! :)

Almost like it was meant to be, I got an email from one of my college girlfriends saying she needed a girls weekend! Cool! Then, another friend chimed in saying we should go somewhere warm. Who knows...I need some ideas!

Any suggestions for a fun girls weekend? Remember it's probably only for the weekend.



  1. You and your friends should go to Finger Lakes in NY. You can relax during the day and I am sure that you could do little day trips... and you can hit all the wineries to do some sampling. I have heard it is a fun weekend!!!

  2. nevermind the college girls in michigan...worry about the women around here.

  3. And besides, i don't think Michigan State has an accredited Cosmetology program...that flat top looks like high maintenance!

  4. Go to the Hershey Spa!!! Lots of yummy chocolate treatments plus chocolate kisses, muffins and hot cocoa while you wait!!!