Monday, September 19, 2011

Who would you hate to run into when you're not wearing any makeup?

I ran out to the store yesterday morning to exchange the Phillies shirt Brady got for his bday, for a bigger size. I have to be an escape artist these days when not bringing Bailey with me, 'cause she's a little clingy to Mommy right now! She was busy playing with John, so I had a chance to dash, and didn't have the time to put makeup on, which of course means I was going to run into someone that I would prefer not see me without make up! Yup, of course it happened! LOL! It was my ex bf's bff, who will no doubt tell his buddy, my ex, that he ran into me. UGH! It those run-ins when you want to look your best, so he can say, "She looked great!" Believe me, it's not arrogance, more insecurity. I thought at first I would just slip by him, but I thought that he saw me first, and I wanted to say to him, he's a great guy, who I hadn't seen in awhile! So, we stopped and talked, and I said how embarrassed I was that I had no makeup on, and he didn't even flinch and moved on. I wonder what he told him?

Ever happen to you? Who have you dreaded bumping into when you're out in your sweats without make up on?

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